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My Horse in 3D specializes in creating life-like statues of horses and pony’s, either with or without their riders. Thanks to our specially designed Horsescanner™ it’s now possible to make a life-like 3d printed statue of your own horse or pony.

Every horse or pony is unique with an almost ‘human personality’. It’s the details that make every horse so special: that look in in her eyes, the striking shape of his blaze or the special combination of socks. No horse is the same.

With more than 150 cameras, we are able to capture those special characteristics in a detailed full color 3d model. We can then use this model to print a 3d statue of your beloved animal in almost any material, ranging from full color sandstone to polished brons and even 18 carat gold.

Your own horse as 3D printed statue

Eric, owner of Una; “the look, that blaze, it’s really her “